Fall program 2015
Submitted by øystein on 07.07.2015 16:52

0047 is currently planning its fall program (0047 homeless edition) to be relased in August. In the meantime, we want to wish you a nice summer with this painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder.

0047 on the move
Submitted by øystein on 15.12.2014 17:24

After seven years in their current space the board of 0047 has decided to close down its gallery operations in Schweigaards gate 34 due to ongoing relocation plans. 0047 has in the last year been involved in a greater co-location study with UKS, Fotogalleriet and Forbundet Frie Fotografer. This process will in the coming months go into a more concrete phase. In the meantime 0047 will remain without its exhibition program and act as a mobile platform for initiatives in art and architecture.

0047's team can currently be reached at this address:

Gøteborggata 27 B, 0566 Oslo, Norway

Exhibition 'Our Place / Urban Activism as Artistic Practice' prolonged
Submitted by on 01.09.2014 18:04

The exhibition Our Place / ExRotaprint Berlin - Urban Activism as Artistic Practice by Daniela Brahm and Les Schliesser is prolonged until September, 12th. Until further notice, the gallery is open Tuesday to Friday from 10 - 4 and by appointment.

Summer break
Submitted by on 04.07.2014 11:36

The gallery is closed during July; the current exhibition ''Our Place / ExRotaprint Berlin - Urban Activism as Artistic Practice' continues after the summer break and will be on view until August, 24th.

0047 wishes all its partners, collaborators & audience a delightful summer!

0047 awarded OAF's 2014 Architecture Prize
Submitted by on 04.07.2014 10:57

0047 founders Øystein Rø and Espen Røyseland

The Oslo Architects Association awarded 0047 and namely its founders Øystein Rø and Espen Røyseland the 2014 Architecture Prize.

The selection committee points out in its statement that “0047 has become a vital actor in Oslo`s architectural scene, especially for the younger generations. The capability to bring up questions for discussion, that are relevant socially as well as academically, combined with a very high quality of implementation, has resulted in attention beyond the confines of the professional circles. 0047 is an independent actor and important alternative to the established national institutions for architectural dissemination; utilizing its independent role to work on genuine questions where established organizations are characterized by constraints. Over the years, 0047 has cooperated with an impressive array of architects, artist and curators from Norway and abroad, thus securing that each project is treated in an interesting way. Lately the National Association of Norwegian Architects has been partner in the open call for Oslo’s government district, resulting in an exhibition and a public debate.”

Bauwelt reports on Høyblokka Open Call
Submitted by on 04.07.2014 10:37

The June edition of German architecture magazine Stadtbauwelt includes a in-depth report by Niclas Förster on Oslo's government district and 0047/Arkitektur N's 'Høyblokka Revisited' open call.

You may read the article online or download a PDF from Bauwelt website.

Arkitektur N no. 4 out now / broad coverage of Høyblokka Open Call
Submitted by on 12.06.2014 14:58

The long expected Arkitektur N no. 4 is out now with a broad coverage of the Høyblokka Revisited Open Call, an initiative by 0047 and Arkitektur N

The summer issue of the magazine documents 19 projects for the Oslo government district at large and its headquarter, Erling Viksjø's 1958 Høyblokka in particular, ranging form sketches and drawings to poems, installations and fully developed architectural designs. Additional essays by Pål Henry Engh (LPO architects) and Ole Møystad (NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology) are discussing the 2013 concept study for the new government district, namely aspects of security versus public accessibility.

Norwegian government announces framework for Oslo’s future government district
Submitted by on 30.05.2014 12:34

Framifrå Arkitekter, Y-not, project for Høyblokka Revisited

The Norwegian government has announced the framework for Oslo’s future government district. Erling Viksjø’s iconic Høyblokka will be kept, but his elegant Y-blokka is deemed for demolition.

That’s obviously a disgrace, not least because the two buildings form a stunning late modernist ensemble. However, the problematic position of Y-blokka in reference to the surrounding urban space had been a central aspect in the discussion following our Høyblokka Revisited Open Call. The public space which could be gained by dismissing Y-blokka, allowing manifestations right in front of the governments head quarter and re-connecting the district with the surrounding urban fabric, is at least noteworthy.

However, the government’s decision is based on the ‘Konsept øst’ (concept east) from the June 2013 concept study for a future government district by consultants Metier, Opak og LPO arkitekter. The concept east calls basically for a centralization of government buildings along Grubbegata and maximum utilization of the built-up area; hence it is rather unlikely that Y-blokka will be replaced by an open, public space but a new, higher building.

The zoning plan will be developed over the next two years; we need to continue the public debate – urban planning is too important to leave it to the experts!

Oslo Art Weekend / May 23-25
Submitted by on 16.05.2014 09:18

The weekend of May 23-25 will be dedicated to the contemporary art scene in Oslo in a programme that crosses both the city and a variety of contemporary art genres. In a large-scale collaboration, Oslo-based institutions invite to a three day event, collectively hosted by artist-run spaces, private and public museums, art associations, art foundations and independent exhibition spaces.

Oslo Art Weekend has been organized in response to the thriving and diverse Oslo art scene, and the realization that we as institutions share a local and international audience that has the potential to grow bigger. 

0047 is looking for interns
Submitted by on 16.05.2014 08:50
0047 board and director with a team of interns and volunteers, that help realizing the Høyblokka Revisited Open Call exhibition

Internship Program

0047 offers hands-on internships for college students and recent graduates in the field of art and architecture. Our internship program provides the opportunity to learn about the operations of a non-profit art and architecture institution and to work alongside contemporary architects, artists and curators.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Intern candidates must possess a strong command of English, excellent communication skills, strong writing skills, word-processing skills on a PC-platform, and the ability to work and function in a creative and flexible environment. 

All interns work on a volunteer basis for three to six months with a schedule determined by 0047. 0047 requires interns to work a minimum of two full days per week (eight hours per day). It is the responsibility of applicants to retrieve information from their school concerning possible academic credit or funding from internship programs for graduates (e.g. from the EU Leonardo program or the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration).

Interns will assist with projects, events, public programs, and exhibition productions.

Contact Markus Richter at markus@0047.org for further information.
Høyblokka Revisited: Documentation of all projects online now
Submitted by on 25.04.2014 10:14

screen shot


A comprehensive web documentation of the Høyblokka Revisited open call is available online now. All projects which have been submitted are included, plus links and basic information on the participating artists and architects, a photo documentation of Erling Viksjø's Høy- and Y-blokka and the surrounding public spaces.

The web documentation uses a wordpress template, hence you easily can browse the projects by categories such as public space, new function, urban planning or security.

We very much hope, you will find the documentation useful. However, the website is still a work in progress, we will gradually editing the posts and uploading further information on the respective projects as well as a documentation of the Høyblokka Revisited exhibition which is on view in our gallery space until May, 11th.

Høyblokka Open Call - all projects up on a blog next Friday, April 11th
Submitted by 0047 on 25.03.2014 11:43

Hans Martin Frostad Halleraker, Threshold Ministry (detail), 2014

We are still working on a blog dedicated to the Høyblokka Revisited open call. The blog will cover all submissions, providing images and text and will be officially published next Friday, April 4th at 3 PM.

120 HOURS 2014 at 0047
Submitted by on 06.02.2014 13:42

0047 is proud to be again partner of 120 HOURS, an impressive student-driven architecture competition, to be hold this year for the 3rd time. After the notable success of the previous years, the 2014 edition will be launched on February 17th 2014. The entries will be on view at 0047 on February 26th, the night before the jury sessions on 27th and 28th.

This year’s 120 HOURS jury is headed by OMA-partner Ellen Van Loon and includes Eva Franch, Director of Storefront for Art and Architecture, NY; Alfredo Brillembourg, Chair for Architecture and Urban Design at ETH Zurich; Nanne de Ru, Director of The Berlage at Delft University and as the student representative Martin Brandsdal, co-founder of Hesselbrand Ltd, London.

For more info please visit www.120hours.no.
Ingri Fiksdal at The Residency
Submitted by on 17.09.2013 13:49

Night Tripper, concert performance, 2012. Concept: Fiksdal/Langgård/Becker, Choreography: Ingri Fiksdal. Photo by Signe Becker.

Ingri Fiksdal is working on her new performance 'Urskog' at The Residency from September, 17th to October, 6th. Urskog will be performed in four parts at Dramatikkens Hus (Oslo) and 0047 on 5th and 6th of October 2013.

Ingri Midgard Fiksdal (b. 1982) is a Norwegian choreographer and performer. She is based in Oslo and has been making work since graduating from the MA in Choreography at the Oslo National College of the Arts in 2006. Her work tours internationally to venues such as brut-Wien (AUS), Kampnagel (DE), Inkonst (SE), MDT (SE), In Between Time (UK), ANTI festival (FI), The Armory Show (US), LIMIT Festival (RS), HIFA (ZIM), Nordwind (DE), Baltoscandal (EST) and Homo Novus festival (LT). Fiksdal has recently been admitted into the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Program, and will from October 2013 commence a three-year artistic research project.

Fiksdal’s work deals with perception and affectivity, and several of her pieces take shape as part performance and part live concert. The audience is always integral to the work, which aims to produce temporary collectives between performers and spectators. This notion of collectivity here refers to modes of attention and sensorial transference, rather than to interactivity. An ongoing theme within Fiksdal’s work is the ritual, and the rituals’ inherent capacity of transforming and ultimately transcending its partakers. This is approached from various angles to research how these capacities could be transferred to the performance-concerts created. Within this, the relation between cognition and affectivity, and how they operate in perception and in production of meaning, is central.


Sara Lundén / Saralunden at The Residency
Submitted by on 28.08.2013 11:04

Sara Lundén. Photo: Ulrika Gunnarsdotter

Sara Lundén will be living and working at The Residency from August, 27th to September, 2nd. She is a Swedish artist, songwriter and musician, working mainly in the field of performance. She is active since 1997. Last fall her 5 LP Saralunden - Box Set, assembling works ranging from early musicals to her last works on counting in French and Wittgenstein’s Bemerkungen űber die Farbe, was released on Shiny Ass Records. For the Residency she is working on a collaborative piece with Goro Tronsmo.

For more information please visit her website www.saralunden.com

Markus Richter new director at 0047
Submitted by øystein on 21.08.2013 13:41

0047 is proud to present the new director of 0047; Markus Richter. Following a call for applications, the board of 0047 has found a director with an impressive background in the fields of art and architecture, curating, writing and editing.
Richter is an art historian, curator, writer and editor. He has curated exhibitions such as Ideal City - Invisible Cities, Megastructure Reloaded and We are all Astronauts. Universe Richard Buckminster Fuller reflected in Contemporary Art, the latter awarded with the 2011 Justus-Bier-Prize for curatorial practice. Prior to his curatorial work he founded and ran Galerie Markus Richter in Berlin for 8 years, focusing on contemporary minimal and conceptual art.
Markus Richter looks forward to take on the job and states:"Since its foundation 2004 in Berlin, 0047 is operating in the borderlands between art and architecture, designing and presenting programs that are exploring the built environment as well as spatial strategies in the visual arts. This profile perfectly matches my own curatorial practice, which revolves around the politics and poetics of space. I am delighted to continue building 0047’s reputation as an engaging platform for art and architecture of international resonance and local significance."
Founders of 0047, Espen Røyseland and Øystein Rø, are very pleased with the choice and look forward to collaborating on the program and future developments for 0047. ”Mr. Richter is a person who we believe will strengthen the institution and continue to develop 0047 as an independent and critical exhibition space for art and architecture. His position, connecting the international scene with the Norwegian is truly interesting and we are very happy to have him work here.”
Markus Richter started working at 0047 on August, 1st. He will present his program for 2014, a long-term research, debate and exhibition project dedicated to the Right to the City, later this fall.

Contact information:

Markus Richter, Director:
+47 907 60 112

Øystein Rø, Chairman of Board:
+47 411 61 623
Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Lisa Torell at The Residency
Submitted by on 11.08.2013 16:08

Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Lisa Torel, Handover. Outlined Clearly / Clean Out, Performance-installation, Bilbao, July 3rd, 2013

Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Lisa Torell will be working and living at The Residency from August, 11-15. They have a long history working in context-based and site-specific projects in public space with questions concerning architecture, sociology and environment. Recently, they launched a new form of cooperation in which they work side by side with individual projects and fertilize each others processes through discussion and input until it becomes a unit.

At The Residency, they will further develop Handover Outlined Clearly / Clean Out # 2, a performance installation that had been shown previously in the public sphere in Bilbao. At 0047 they will take the gallery space as context and starting point for a re-negotiation of the place, physically and mentally.

Johanna Gustafsson Fürst was born in 1973 and is based in Stockholm. She graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2003. Her practice consists of situation-specific and concept-based sculptures and installations in which the mirroring and materialization of the social space in the built space works as an entrance to questions about politics, location, history and social context. In 2003 she was one of the initiators of ak28, a self-organized and mostly self-funded collective of artists, architects and curators, which ran a space in Stockholm between 2004-2008. In 2008 she co-funded Kista Theatre, a nomadic platform for art and theater with the city as stage and content. 2012 she was a grant-holder at IASPIS in Stockholm.

Lisa Torell was born 1972 and is based in Stockholm and Tromsø. She participates regularly in national and international exhibitions and publications. Lisa Torell investigates society by looking at what there is to see and what is evaluated from the outside; she tries to find out what it is that shapes our way of seeing, and how to change it. She was chair of the Swedish contemporary art foundation Index from 2010 to 2013, has written essays for the Brussels-based A-prior magazine and the National Museum Stockholm, and is currently working with Cm by cm, metre by metre, km by km at block 70 Biro Beograd, Belgrade and with Goro Tronsmo and 0047 Oslo. www.lisatorell.com

0047 featured in New Museum's (NYC) Art Space Directory
Submitted by on 07.08.2012 14:37

At last we received our copy of New Museum’s Art Space Directory.... we can now share it with you

Co-published by ArtAsiaPacific and the New Museum on the occasion of the exhibition “The Ungovernables”, The Art Spaces Directory is an international guide to the sites where contemporary art and artists are nurtured, interrogated and sustained.

You can order the publication here

ПРОЕКТ International №30
Submitted by on 02.08.2012 14:04

0047 is featured in issue n30 of PROJECT International - a Moscow based periodical featuring international architecture. The 38-page spread featured 0047's project Northern Experiments – The Barents Urban Survey 2009

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas' performance at 0047 featured in kunstkritikk.no
Submitted by on 21.11.2011 17:10
The Armenia Project publication is now available online
Submitted by on 06.09.2011 13:12

The publication The Armenia Project, by artists Unni Gjertsen and Liv Strand is now available at 0047 online shop.

The book is an integral part of the exhibition Tales of Fraternity, Power and Time - The Armenia Project, on view at 0047 until September 25.

Order here!

0047 Nominated for the Norsk Form’s price for young architects
Submitted by on 01.07.2011 17:29

0047 has been nominated for the Norsk Form’s prize for young practitioners (Norsk Forms pris til unge formgivere). Other nominees are Lalaland landskapsarkitekter and TYIN tegnestue.

The winner will be announced during Norsk Forms prisfest, September 7, 7pm at DogA, Oslo.   

Decolonizing Architecture to hold a lecture at IASPIS in Stockholm
Submitted by on 17.01.2011 18:22

Decolonizing Architecture to hold a lecture at IASPIS in Stockholm

The Red Castle and the Lawless Line by Decolonizing Architecture at 0047.

Decolonizing Architecture will hold a lecture at IASPS in Stockholm, Thursday 3 February 2011.

If you missed their presentation at 0047 last year, this is a good chance to hear about their practice, which uses architecture to articulate the spatial dimension of a process of decolonization.

For more information please visit: http://www.konstnarsnamnden.se/default.aspx?id=14054

The Year of Architecture has officially started
Submitted by on 06.01.2011 16:09

The Year of Architecture has been lauched!

In 2011 the National Association of Norwegian Architects is celebrating 100 years of architectural practice. 0047 has been commissioned to produce the program for this one year long, nation wide event.

Have a look at the program at here

0047 at NOTCH2010 - Beijing
Submitted by on 19.10.2010 12:11

As part of NOTCH 2010's Open Studio Camp in Beijing, 0047 presents its research on the Barents -  work in progress and an investigation on possible ways to exhibit architecture. 

Venice Biennale
Submitted by øystein on 27.06.2010 13:45

0047 is invited to the Architecture Biennale in Venice, 29th August – 21st November 2010. 0047 is part of the "At Work With" program curated by Testbedstudio and Economy at the Nordic Pavilion.

The 2010 edition of the Venice Biennale, which will be curated by Kazuyo Sejima, the Japanese architect who recently won the Pritzker Prize, is entitled “People meet in architecture”.  The biennale will explore ideas helping people to relate to architecture, helping architecture to relate to people, and helping people to relate to each other.

0047 launches new shopping experience
Submitted by øystein on 18.02.2010 02:12

0047 can now offer its audience a better and simpler way of purchasing 0047 publications online. With the help of Paypal you can order books from anywhere in the world and pay safely with your credit card. Go HERE to find some interesting reading material.

Pan-Barentz opens in Moscow
Submitted by øystein on 18.02.2010 02:01

The ultimate artistic and architectural take on the High North, the exhibition Pan-Barentz, is to be shown in Moscow, Russia in March this year. The exhibtion, which is curated by Luba Kuzovnikova from the never-resting curator group Pikene på broen and the 0047's Espen Røyseland and Øystein Rø, opens March 16 at the ArtPlay Centre in the Russian capital.

0047 to organize Year of Architecture in Norway 2011
Submitted by øystein on 12.11.2009 16:12

0047 has been commissioned by the National Association of Norwegian Architects to organize the organization's 100th anniversary. The year will contain international, national and local events.
For further information please contact Espen Røyseland or Øystein Rø.
Lecture in Warsaw
Submitted by øystein on 10.10.2009 15:52

Øystein Rø gave a lecture at the Parachute Architecture Conference in Warsaw October 9. The lecture was on urban development in cities in North-west Russia and strategies for dealing with the Soviet architecture legacy. The conference was part of the ongoing festival "Warsaw under construction" organized by Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Read more about the festival HERE.
Northern Experiments Online
Submitted by øystein on 09.09.2009 13:32

0047's comprehensive survey on northern urbanity, Northern Experiement, is availiable online.

Here you will excerpts from the projects, texts and information about contributors and exhibitions.

Go to NORTHERN EXPERIMENTS and learn more about the high north!

Pan-Barentz in Murmansk
Submitted by øystein on 31.08.2009 23:39

The exhibition Pan-Barentz curated by Luba Kuzovnikova, Espen Røyseland and Øystein Rø is shown in the arctic city of Murmansk September 11 - October 10.

Host for the exhibition is Murmansk Art Museum.

Pan-Barentz in Tromsø
Submitted by øystein on 24.03.2009 19:07

The exhibition Pan-Barentz curated by Luba Kuvovnikova, Espen Røyseland and Øystein Rø opened at Tromsø Kunstforening Friday March 27.

Visit Tromsø Kunstforening to learn more!