0047 Bon Voyage & 10 Years Birthday Party


0047 is on the move! Also coinciding with the relocation process is the 10th year anniversary of gallery’s operations. To mark these two important events we would like to invite you to a joint celebration on Saturday 28th of February at 7pm.

To take a proper farewell with our current premises and to celebrate 10 years as an independent and critical space for art and architecture 0047 is organizing an event that will include a retrospective of various projects, ideas and objects which together form a curious archive of 0047’s past activities. A selection of artists, architects, curators and institutions who have previously collaborated with the gallery will contribute to the event in form of installations, performances and more.

Eminent pop-group Dagens Ungdom and DJ TuvLuv will be playing live on stage, the concept bar MetteBarit will resurface from the 2004 Berlin art scene and Martin Braathen & Espen Røyseland will set up a wine and foodie lounge.

Join us for the birthday celebration to give 0047 a proper Bon Voyage!