Fields of Exploration - Limits of Exploitation

0047 is this winter together with Dahl&Uhre leading a course at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The course explores the global and local impact of a mining industry expanding on unprecedented scale. Continuously venturing into new and uncharted territories, the industry now has its eyes on the circumpolar areas of Norway.

Through mapping of future landscapes impacted by mining the course will create an instrument for a debate on the far reaching territorial consequences of modern mining. The course will map local infrastructure, deposits, mines, and global networks of mineral distribution and processing. The studio aims to unfold the moral, legal and environmental implications of an increased extraction. The course looks for new discoveries seen through the lenses of the landscape and will provide a tool for an open debate on the new pressures in the northern territories.

Invited speakers:

Ivar Bjørklund, UiT

Rognvald Boyd, NGU

Karianne Bråten, UiT

Jeff Corner, UiT

Kelly Doran, Regional Architects

Chrisopher Eads, Economist Intelligence Unit

Elisabeth Gammelsæter, Norsk Bergindustri

Brynhild Granås, Høgskolen i Alta

Siri Hermansen, artist

Luba Kuzovnikova, Pikene på broen

Hadi Lile, UiO

Harald Martinsen, Sydvaranger Gruve AS

Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer

Svein Helge Orheim, Barents Institute

Lina Persson, artist

Philippe Rekacewicz, Le Monde Diplomatique

Øystein Rushfeldt, Nussir

Tore Tanum, Ministry of Forreign Affairs

Jack Ødegård, SINTEF

Bente Aasjord, Fagforbundet

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Illustration: Found silver, Finnmark and Troms