0047 is an independent, non-profit platform for research, production, exhibition and debate in the fields of art, architecture and urbanism. Founded 2004 in Berlin as an exhibition space for contemporary Norwegian art and architecture, 0047 soon expanded its scope to involve artists, architects and curators from all over the world.
On the move
0047 is currently a nomadic gallery, without a physical space. Through the project “Kreativt Naboskap” we are – together with UKS, FFF and FG – looking at new locations and ways of existing as an independent cultural platform. Whilst without location, we are investigating pop-up exhibitions, seminars, web prescence and cooperations.

Independent and critical
0047 is a non-profit platform for research, production, dissemination and debate in the fields of art, architecture and urbanism, working complementary to the established institutions. Over the past years, 0047 has developed a profile with a focus on urban, political and sociological questions, which we aim to further enhance. The distinct emphasis on the politics of space constitutes 0047’s core and identity.
Experimental and interdisciplinary
Through and within our program, comprising exhibitions, lectures, and publications, we explore vital issues in art, architecture and urbanism with the intent of expanding disciplinary boundaries, encouraging co-operations between artists and architects, designers and scientists, urban activists and researchers.
International and local
Above and beyond our international collaborations we are as well developing broad local and regional network activities, implementing projects in the public sphere, in temporary available locations, involving other initiatives and the local neighbourhood as much as possible.